CaseStudy: A. Menarini UK Ltd.


Bluestone TMS was commissioned to deliver a tailored programme of 1-2-1 Field Coachingand Sales Effectiveness assignment during May-July 2011 and 2012 for A. Menarini UK, a dynamic Italy based global pharmaceutical company. In 2011 the assignment involved direct hospitals coaching but also an evaluation of skills and competencies, with recommendations on improving sales force effectiveness. In 2012 both Account Managers/Hospital Specialists and RBMs (Regional Business Managers) were involved.

Medical Representatives require a broad range of business skills and a high level of medical/technical knowledge to effectively manage their primary and secondary care customers and accounts. Secondary Care (or Hospitals) is a major part of their business and is the most demanding of skills and knowledge, as well as account management techniques.


Following a Brief from the Sales Director to understand the organisational and product/sales force challenges, requirements, and expectations, a Needs Analysis was carried out to assess the levels of skills and knowledge of individual Medical Representatives, Account Managers, and Hospital Specialists. A Self-Assessment Questionnaire & discussion is utilised to establish a baseline and to identify specific areas of focus for development and coaching. Duration of the coaching varied from 1 day to 4 days.
Coaching delivered on territory and in the actual hospitals of the individualsto ensure real-life learning, no time off territory and an individualised approach.  Evaluation and feedback of the coaching is made after each coaching day to assess the impact, development, and whether needs are delivered.

Working with RBMs during May-July 2012 involved “three-up” observations of RBM skills in coaching/management of their people, and to support their development in improving  coaching skills, situational leadership, tackling business and people/team challenges, etc. In short-optimising sales effectiveness.

The coaching covers many different aspects of working hospitals, such as: Understanding the role of hospitals and influence on territory business; Gaining Information and Access; Networking; Influencing Hospital Formulary; Product and Clinical knowledge; Organisational skills/territory planning; Selling Skills; Account Management; KOL development; Information Management, etc. Regular feedback is provided to the managers, as well as end of coaching evaluation report to continue development of the individual.


Impact and feedback from these assignments have been excellent. Without exception all individuals have been developed in skills, confidence and knowledge to a level significantly higher than that established at the start. Once again dramatic improvements made in as little as 1-2 days of coaching.

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 “I have now worked with Rauf on two SFE projects, the most recent was delivered in an effective and timely manner. Rauf provided valuable insights into key projects across primary and secondary care. An excellent partner.”   Lee Taylor, Director of Sales, A.Menarini UK