Public Sector Services Delivered
Bluestone TMS was commissioned to design a bespoke training programme for regional Staff, including Directors.  The training programme on ‘Embedding Diversity’ covered Cultural Intelligence, Community Engagement/ Communications and Marketing, and a final report recommending various strategies.
Cultural Intelligence including Equality and Diversity training designed and delivered for 60+ front line Council Staff. Also included elements of diverse community Engagement and Customer Service.
Bluestone TMS was commissioned to design and deliver three workshops on Entrepreneurialism in Ethnic Minority Communities, to public, private and Third sector line managers. Key focus was on Diversity Marketing.
lsc Delivered the ‘Director Development Programme’ on behalf of Business Link.  This involved targeting directors/senior managers of SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises), carrying out a diagnostic/ training needs analysis and providing/advising appropriate training solutions.
ADAB ADAB is a well respected community/ voluntary sector organisation based in Bury, Lancashire.  Bluestone TMS was commissioned to design and deliver tailored Staff skills & development training (Team Working, Mentoring, etc.) and 4 specialist workshops on the ‘Prevent Agenda (PVE) to groups from local Authority, Police, Schools/Colleges and young Muslims.
Equality/Diversity and Cultural Intelligence training.
staffordshire Adsis front line Staff were trained on Cultural Intelligence to improve knowledge and skills in dealing with diversity of clients needing their services. Sector specific research was carried out to ensure relevance and value of the course content.
Bluestone TMS proposed, pitched, designed and delivered a pioneering & tailored Mentoring & Personal Development programme for disadvantaged young people in North Staffordshire. ‘The Sahara Project’  delivered significant benefits in personal development, education and future aspirations.
youth sport trust BluestoneTMS designed and delivered a series of workshops for YST Sports Leaders and Managers to increase knowledge, confidence and skills in engaging/communicating  with diverse groups of young people attending their Annual Summer Camp. This lead to a significant increase in diversity of participants.

Bluestone TMS, in Partnership with VAGA Associates, succesfully pitched for and won the contract to provide Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Evaluation of all tender applications to the ODA for the 2012 Olympics. Our expertise in this area enabled an accurate and professional evaluation and scoring of companies applying for contracts.

Mentor and Mentee training delivered for members of their Mentoring Programme.
Bluestone TMS designed and delievered a special course for PCT managers on ‘Cultural Intelligence in Healthcare’, covering Targeted Patient Services, Social Marketing, Culture and Communications in health service delivery and engagement.
Cultural Intelligence in healthcare course delivered to over 60 NHS Staffs, from nurses to intermediate care specialists and other hospital Staff.

Bluestone TMS organised and delivered the first conference in Staffordshire on ‘Diversity in  Action’ in November 2007, sponsored by AWM & Stoke-on-Trent City Council. This succesful conference  promoted the business benefits of diversity in the workplace to both public and private sector employers. Read more.
Bluestone TMS was commissioned to design and deliver a marketing/ communications programme to ethnic minority businesses in two selected cities. Involving- research, contact development, marketing,  and event management. A strategic plan for national roll out was provided.
Designed and delivered anti-racism / citizenship workshops for high school year 10-11 students.
A leading national organisation for Equality in Sport.  Acumen TMC was commissioned to provide consultancy, advice on strategy/ delivery and business development. Also, delivered a national training programme on health/wellbeing for Age UK.

Equality and Diversity training for policy, engagement and delivery officers.

As part of Consultancy services, BluestoneTMS was commissioned to provide a strategy document to advise on possible projects and programmes to increase  engagement and participation for Cricket among target groups across England.
BluestoneTMS designed and delivered a new innovative workshop on ‘Cultural Intelligence in Sport’ for 16 sports and local authority organisations across the County. Feedback was excellent-with 92% rating the course as valuable and useful for learning new knowledge, and would recommend to others.
Private Sector Services Delivered
A multi-national Japanese Pharmaceutical corporation.  Bluestone designed and delivered a bespoke Coaching programme for their UK Field Force, and ‘Cultural Intelligence in Healthcare’ workshops.
A global Pharmaceutical corporation. BluestoneTMS delivered Cultural Intelligence in Pharma/Healthcare for the Oncology Regional Accounts team. Course was designed to provide greater knowledge and tools to engage diversity of NHS doctors.
KBA is no.2 biggest global commercial printing company. As part of a 2 year global Management Development/ Change Management Programme, Bluestone TMS provided effective training on different skill development topics, such as Key Account Management (KAM), Advanced Selling skills, Consultative Selling, Coaching Skills, CRM, Communication/Presentation Skills, Leadership, Negotiations, etc.
A Japanese multi-national flavourings company, T/O c.£500million.  Acumen delivered Sales Force Effectiveness training in Germany to their European Sales Managers.  Training covered-Selling Skills/ Sales Process, KAM, Presentation Skills, Social Styles, etc.
A multi-national specialist in green roofs.  Bluestone delivered Cross Cultural Communications and Presentation Skills training to the European sales team.
TRIPLE A A large, established & successful independent training company based in Hamburg, Germany.  Bluestone TMS and TripleA work in collaboration on various EU/Global training assignments as well as business development, training materials development, etc.
monier MONIER is the world’s leading provider of building materials for pitched roofs & of innovative roof and ventilation systems with operations in 42 countries on four continents. Acumen designed and delivered a Communications training workshops for their UK operation.
A major shirt manufacturer from India with exports to USA and EU. Acumen was commissioned to provide a UK/EU market research and market access study, to potentially set up agencies/ affiliates here.
Designed and delivered a Field Coaching programme for selected Medical Sales professionals (including KAM) on primary and secondary care, up skilling in hospitals, and an evaluation of Sales Force Effectiveness. Recommendations made on SFE to management on possible solutions.
LGC LGC Standards is a leading global Biotech/Analytics company involved in Pharma/Life Sciences, Genomics, Forensics and other sectors. Acumen delivered the role of ‘Interim Global Head of Sales & Marketing’, responsible for European Country Managers & Marketing Team (c.100 reports), evaluating sales & marketing structure/functions/processes and training needs, organisational health and fit, and developing a Change strategy with proposals for Optimisation of sales and marketing globally.