Cultural Intelligence

This innovative 1-2 day course is suitable for managers and front line staff in Public & Private sector organisations who may be dealing with multi-cultural clients.

Cultural Intelligence is about the organisation’s awareness of its internal strengths and recognising its weaknesses with respect to its workforce and its external customers. It’s about how the organisation appears to the public outside as an employer and as a company to do business with. It is also about how every individual in that organisation has the knowledge about different cultures and the confidence to communicate effectively with them. These “soft” skills can have a positive and a negative impact on the bottom line, depending on the level and quality of training given to staff. Successful interaction with people from other cultures is at the heart of Cultural Intelligence. This is especially important if the organisation is involved in international trade.

The course will increase knowledge and awareness of people from other cultures & faiths, whether they are customers or colleagues. Understanding of their behaviours, lifestyles, customs & etiquettes is improved so that prejudices are challenged or removed. This knowledge can provide valuable approaches in marketing of products & services as well as a competitive edge in business. The course also covers the essentials of professional & legal responsibilities of all employees with respect to laws on Discrimination based on Race, Religion & Beliefs. The emphasis is on learning practical skills and knowledge to enable a more confident and professional approach to interacting with people from different cultures, as well as recognising the commercial benefits of diversity.

The course content is flexible & can be tailored to the needs of the organisation,  e.g. focus on Healthcare professionals.

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