IHC Hospital Coaching

This is a new concept in the Pharmaceutical industry.  Most of the training for field based Representatives is carried out by their Line Manager or a member of the training department. Due to pressures of time, pull to other priorities, lack of resources, lack of expertise in this speciality, etc. the hospital training is often covered in a short initial session at induction or neglected all together. This results in sales professionals lacking knowledge, direction and real skills to effectively work each hospital account to maximise the impact of this account to their overall territory business. The end result is lost opportunities in sales growth, hospital/area formulary inclusion, key opinion leader development, limited market awareness of company and products, and also limiting the professional development of the Representative.

The Intensive Hospital Coaching’ (IHC) Programme will provide a highly effective one-to-one coaching programme for the individual professional. From a baseline assessment of current knowledge, awareness and skills in the hospitals environment and in each account, a programme of intensive coaching is delivered in the hospitals of the client. No days off territory are lost.  Little theory-very much on the job learning and practice!

What’s the impact?  

The results are truly outstanding. Previous coaching programmes have demonstrated improvements from baseline values of up to 280% in as little as 3-4 days!!  Compare that to any classroom based course! Representatives have found the coaching extremely valuable, and in fact has resulted in accelerated learning for the individual which could have taken 6-9 months through other training interventions. That could equate to a ROI (Return on Investment) for 3-4 days of hospital coaching equivalent to at least 6 months of salary!  Isn’t that a sound investment?

Thanks again for the four days hospital training – I am amazed how much we crammed in to this time and feel I have improved significantly as a hospital representative in this time!
Fantastic that we saw eight contacts on the final day!!
 Thanks again”

Brian Bateman (experienced Medical Representative)