Management Skills

The Line Manager is one of the most important links in any organisation, crucial to staff performance and achieving company targets. This course is aimed at new managers or recently appointed managers who need to equip themselves with the key skills and techniques to manage the many work and people related challenges.
The course covers:

  • The role of a manager; Management styles – knowing yours and the communication styles of your reports
  • Leadership- born or bred? Leading from the front; qualities & attributes needed for a good leader
  • Psychology of behaviour; Managing Performance and developing people
  • Appraisal and Disciplinary procedures/ systems
  • Business Planning
  • Meetings management
  • Legal responsibilities-EO, Equality, Diversity; Business Information/at a management to achieve targets
  • Interview/selection techniques-using employment agencies/networking, etc
  • Taking control: managing stress; managing tough situations, managing problems and the boss
  • Communications & Influencing Skills as a tool to managing people and achieving goals
  • Action Planning