Mentoring is a powerful tool which, though
one-to-one action, can often have the biggest impact in transforming lives. It can involve mentors and mentees of virtually any age, whether they be in schools and colleges or adults in work.  There are so many personal stories of how mentor or a friend has helped someone out of difficult circumstances or given them the guidance they need. One of the essential goals of mentoring is to enhance the self-confidence and self esteem of those individuals whose inner resilience may have been diminished by their life circumstances. Mentoring can empower individuals to become energised, more focused towards positive actions and outcomes, and is a great motivational tool.

In industry Mentoring based schemes could provide a cost-effective way of addressing the UK’s skill shortage.

Here are a few famous mentors and mentees:

    • Warren Beatty mentor to Diane Keaton

    • Mel Gibson mentor to Heath Ledger

    • Tom Sharpin mentor to Russell Crowe

    • Madonna mentor to Gwyneth Paltrow

    • Jonathan Winters mentor to the comedian Robin Williams

    • Richard Burton mentor to Sir Anthony Hopkins

    • Adam Farrar mentor to Leonardo DiCaprio¬†

    • Johnny Carson mentor to Garry Shandling and Jay Leno

Acumen can provide the expertise to set up a mentoring scheme in your organisation, including the induction training for mentors and mentees.