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Hospital Coaching Programme: 2011 & 2012

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for our recent coaching days. I thoroughly enjoyed them and although I was taken out of my comfort zone on a number of occasions, I feel it was all worthwhile. I take on board your recommendations which will help me progress in hospital selling and will I am sure see me climb the rankings very soon.
“…… I am seeing results already. Doing ace in hospitals. Much more confident and feeling I have the right to be there ! I am confident the sales will follow :-)”

TC- Senior Medical Representative

“The two days I have spent with Rauf, have been a very big learning curve it’s a pity that we may not have any more sessions with him, because I believe he has lot more to offer and we can learn a lot from him.
The time spent with Rauf over the past two days has made me reflect on how I can improve myself and my sales calls, so that I can achieve the best possible result with each customer”.

SA– Medical Representative

“Just wanted to thank you for a very enjoyable and informative couple of days field coaching! From you I learnt the value of working an entire hospital…literally! You also helped me realise my strengths and weaknesses and provided solid advice in terms of future professional development.”

KS- Senior Medical Representative

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