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Tackling Extremism Workshops -February 2008

Tackling  Extremism Workshops -February 2008

“Acumen TMC was commissioned to assist in the design, planning and preparation of suitable materials for a series of workshops in Bury on Preventing Violence & Extremism (PVE), as well presentations to different groups.   Rauf Mirza from Acumen TMC gave an excellent presentation on tackling extremism, the content was clear and informative, for many of our audience it was an eye opener and I believe the way the programme was delivered made a difference in every persons view on Islam”.  Tan Ahmed (Chief Officer ADAB)

” This was the most positive programme of all the ones seen so far, with the right approach, provided really useful, correct and hard core information” Michelle Barlow, deputy Head of Anti-Terrorism Unit, GMP (Greater Manchester Police)

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