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Youth Sport Trust, Loughborough University

Cultural Intelligence training for Development Managers, Feb 2008

Overall satisfaction rating: 86-93%

I hope you are pleased with the responses from the group, I certainly am and think that everybody thoroughly appreciated the day and got a great deal out of it. Personally I am really pleased that we made the decision to invest in the knowledge of both the team leaders and the YST staff and although I feel that we have probably only just scratched the surface, I think the session has given us a real platform from which to build.

Rauf I thought the delivery of the session was just perfect; a good balance of interactive and ‘tell’ sessions and you made the day fun as well – there is nothing like a ‘competition’ to get us all going!! The quiz was a great way to learn and think it also served to get us all talking about the different issues that could arise at the camp – it also provided us with a small knowledge base for the rest of the day.
Thanks again Rauf for your energy and enthusiasm. – Kealey Sherwood, Leadership & Volunteering Development Manager

Cultural Intelligence for Sports Camp Leaders, January 2008

Overall Satisfaction rating from course = 93%

Delegates’ Feedback …….

“Extremely informative and helpful. Sparked an interest in cultural intelligence for future. Really motivated me to become more knowledgeable. Delivered very well and promoted a relaxed environment which aided learning for all! Fab course!     Dani S

“The deliverer was very clear and understandable and extremely professional. His explanations were exemplar”    Ryan S

“ I thought Rauf was an excellent presenter.  Enjoyed the way he was able to relate to questions back to his own experience.  Lecture moved at the correct pace and questions and mini-discussion were a welcome part of the session. The quiz was eye opening to me and showed how much I didn’t know”    Laura O

“ Really good for the role of the Camp and for life in general” Mustafa S

“ Brilliant delivery at exactly the right level. Thanks!”    Emma Mannell

“ Excellent, Informative and at times eye opening”  Jack Nayler

” very knowledgeable tutor with lots of interesting points. This course has given me confidence to follow my instincts when working with people of different backgrounds and treat people the same but differently”

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