Below are a selection of opinions and feedback from delegates attending various training courses delivered by Bluestone TMS. These are taken from end of course feedback questionnaires. We insist on sending out a pre-course questionnaire to all delegates to ensure we capture their particular requirements and practical needs for the course. This, together with a detailed brief from the client company and the end of course feedback questionnaire, helps us to ensure that each course is focused on the needs identified and delivers real practical benefit. We try to tackle the real issues people face in the working place.

Public Sector

MLA (Museums Libraries and Archives) West Midlands

Cultural intelligence course- February 2008 as first part of fuller Embedding Diversity programme

Training delivered for up to 20 staff, including directors and manager.  Overall course satisfaction rating – 87%
” useful, did try and put a lot in”….CEO
” Thought it was interesting around marketing angles, etc. ”
“ It has been extremely stimulating to have these discussion with you about the importance of E & D. I am very grateful for all your help so far and hope that we can work together further in future.” Jenny Waugh, Policy Officer

NHS Stoke-on-Trent

Cultural intelligence in Healthcare -for PCT Managers, November 2008

84% rate the course as excellent overall,  & 96% would recommend the course to others

“All information very relevant and useful.  Very interesting & enjoyable course which has given me practical tips & a summary of cultural issues which I will apply to my work”    HH -Principal Health Improvement Specialist  

“It is very interactive which is excellent as you can ask questions and get answers in a “safe” environment,. There was open group discussion where we could express examples and draw on real life experiences. We need more time to explore the thoughts & ideas that came out of this “mini” taster course”  MI. Senior Primary Care Manager  

“This course is more informative. It would help Staff to have better cultural intelligence compared to others” Primary Care Manager

“All information very relevant and useful. Very interesting & enjoyable course which has given me practical tips & a summary of cultural issues which I will apply to my work”

  Health Improvement Specialist

“It is very interactive which is excellent as you can ask questions and get answers in a “safe” environment”. There was open group discussion where we could express examples and draw on real life experiences.

Senior Primary Care Manager

Youth Sport Trust, Loughborough University

Cultural Intelligence training for Development Managers, Feb 2008

Overall satisfaction rating: 86-93%

I hope you are pleased with the responses from the group, I certainly am and think that everybody thoroughly appreciated the day and got a great deal out of it. Personally I am really pleased that we made the decision to invest in the knowledge of both the team leaders and the YST staff and although I feel that we have probably only just scratched the surface, I think the session has given us a real platform from which to build.

Rauf I thought the delivery of the session was just perfect; a good balance of interactive and ‘tell’ sessions and you made the day fun as well – there is nothing like a ‘competition’ to get us all going!! The quiz was a great way to learn and think it also served to get us all talking about the different issues that could arise at the camp – it also provided us with a small knowledge base for the rest of the day.
Thanks again Rauf for your energy and enthusiasm. – Kealey Sherwood, Leadership & Volunteering Development Manager

Cultural Intelligence for Sports Camp Leaders, January 2008

Overall Satisfaction rating from course = 93%

Delegates’ Feedback …….

“Extremely informative and helpful. Sparked an interest in cultural intelligence for future. Really motivated me to become more knowledgeable. Delivered very well and promoted a relaxed environment which aided learning for all! Fab course!     Dani S

“The deliverer was very clear and understandable and extremely professional. His explanations were exemplar”    Ryan S

“ I thought Rauf was an excellent presenter.  Enjoyed the way he was able to relate to questions back to his own experience.  Lecture moved at the correct pace and questions and mini-discussion were a welcome part of the session. The quiz was eye opening to me and showed how much I didn’t know”    Laura O

“ Really good for the role of the Camp and for life in general” Mustafa S

“ Brilliant delivery at exactly the right level. Thanks!”    Emma Mannell

“ Excellent, Informative and at times eye opening”  Jack Nayler

” very knowledgeable tutor with lots of interesting points. This course has given me confidence to follow my instincts when working with people of different backgrounds and treat people the same but differently”

Sport Across Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent (SASSOT)

Cultural Intelligence in Sport, Nov 2010, Stafford

“The workshop provided a comprehensive insight into engaging with BAME communities.  The content not only allowed delegates to discuss engagement challenges but also gave them an opportunity to develop a practical way to move projects forward and increase BAME engagement.   The workshop nurtured delegate’s confidence to explore different methods of consultation as well as improve their understanding of different cultures and faiths.  Feedback from delegates was excellent and SASSOT was extremely pleased with the quality of the course delivered and hope it inspires colleagues to initiate or expand existing projects to become more inclusive of BAME communities.  SASSOT would recommend the course to other sports organisations.”

Mark Thornewill, Partnership Director, Sport Across Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent County Sport Partnership

Bury Metropolitan Borough (organised by ‘ADAB’ of Bury)

Tackling  Extremism Workshops -February 2008

“Acumen TMC was commissioned to assist in the design, planning and preparation of suitable materials for a series of workshops in Bury on Preventing Violence & Extremism (PVE), as well presentations to different groups.   Rauf Mirza from Acumen TMC gave an excellent presentation on tackling extremism, the content was clear and informative, for many of our audience it was an eye opener and I believe the way the programme was delivered made a difference in every persons view on Islam”.  Tan Ahmed (Chief Officer ADAB)

” This was the most positive programme of all the ones seen so far, with the right approach, provided really useful, correct and hard core information” Michelle Barlow, deputy Head of Anti-Terrorism Unit, GMP (Greater Manchester Police)

Staffs Learning & Skills Council (LSC)

Staffs Learning & Skills Council (LSC)- February 2004

Cultural Intelligence course for LSC Training Providers
“Slide presentation very professional, Rauf Mirza was pleasant and very knowledgeable throughout”
“I want to pass the information I have been given today onto my work colleagues, possibly at staff meetings”
“It was extremely useful and carried out well”
“Really enjoyed course, tutor friendly and professional”
“Good presentation skills and relaxed atmosphere to promote discussion”
“I feel far more confident in confronting and working with people from different religions” ” 1 big eye Opener” “I would like to see more people sit this course”

ADSIS - Staffordshire Alcohol & Drug Services

Cultural Intelligence training for ADSIS Staff.- February 2005

“I found the course very informative. It was well delivered in a easy to understand manner. Overall very good” – Support Worker

“Excellent really enjoyed the content of the course……hopefully will now be able to make stronger links with the BME community” – Senior Practitioner-Young Peoples services

I have now worked with Rauf on two SFE projects, the most recent was delivered in an effective and timely manner. Rauf provided valuable insights into key projects across primary and secondary care. An excellent partner.

Lee Taylor, Sales Director

East Staffordshire Borough Council

Cultural intelligence Course – December 2005

“Superb content”
“Excellent-lots of ground covered and could have gone on for two days!” HR Assistant
“Enjoyable, Good content, lots of information” Duty Manager
“Should be compulsory for all staff ”Community Liaison Officer
“Very interesting, learned a lot” Environmental Health Officer
“Not only was the session informative and interesting, but it also gave us the opportunity to really consider our current practices and think about how we can improve our service. The feedback has been excellent”.
Jo Aldrich, Learning & Development Officer Human Resources

Course Ratings: From Council’s own evaluation forms: total of average scores for Good- Excellent:

  • Quality of Tuition    98 %
  • Value for Money    100%
  • Meeting Objectives    98%
  •   Overall 98%

Private Sector

KBA- North America

Management Development programme, 2009-10

“ I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for conducting the sales training programme for our North American Sales Managers. Your programme sparked very positive feedback from all who attended. In fact I have been exposed to many training programmes with various companies during my career and this is the first time I can recall receiving such a positive response from EVERY participant.  They were motivated and upbeat when I spoke to them. Congratulations. Sales people can be very hard to motivate, especially when training is involved, but you did well.  Thank you.”

Mark A. Hischar, President/CEO. KBA-North America.

Delegate comments…….

” Eye Opening”          ” Very Good”

“This course was extremely informative. A lot was learned!”

” I enjoyed being in the sales training school. Thank you!

” Thought the instructors were very upbeat and interesting!

KBA - Delegate

Daiichi- Sankyo Co. Ltd

Hospital Training Feedback: Field Coaching project:  2003-2006

“I found the two days I have spent with Rauf Mirza to be extremely beneficial. Rauf clearly has a wealth of experience in a wide range of areas of the Medical sales profession. During the two days I have benefited from Raufs expansive knowledge and expertise in the hospital working environment.
We covered a great deal in a relatively short space of time. I not only had the opportunity to develop my skills as a sales professional within a call to a Secondary care customer, but also the most effective ways of getting in front of that customer and countless others on just one day or afternoon. Indeed I found the training and advice centred around the workings of a hospital or ‘village’; as Rauf called it, to be particularly helpful. I certainly know things about hospitals and how to work them most efficiently that I didn’t know before those two days. We looked at everything from formulary protocols and pharmacy practices to extracting information from Consultant secretaries and bleep systems. Indeed understanding how a hospital and a specific department within a hospital, works is vital.  Rauf continually focused on all the key attributes required to be a success in a hospital.

AC- Medical Representative

 “I wanted to send an e-mail so as you were aware as to the extent your recent hospital training has helped both in my development as a hospital representative but also the development of my selling and interpersonal skills in general. You have taught me both basic and advanced skills whilst always looking back so as to ensure both my personal and the company’s objectives were met. My confidence in hospital sales is now sky high and I appreciate both how much I know / knew, and what self developmental needs still remain.
I value what you have shown me very highly and know that it has been rewarding and enriching to have had you coaching me through some, at times advanced sales requirements. I assure you the lessons will continue to be put in place and look forward to considerable success in hospitals in the future. Many thanks again for all your effort and input.”

MF- Medical Representative

“ I have found the hospital training provided by yourself to be extremely beneficial and as a result feel far more confident in the hospital arena – and this after just 1 session!  All in all I found the whole day a positive experience and no longer view the hospital arena as one to be viewed with trepidation!”

KT-Medical Representative

“ I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your comprehensive and extremely helpful hospital training.
With regards to the preparatory session, it helped me understand and appreciate the value of my position and the wealth of benefits that I as a Representative can offer to a hospital. You totally clarified and expanded on any grey areas that I had and answered all concerns and more.
Confidence, motivation and a professional work ethic are the three main things that you have developed in me. I have benefited unbelievably from your training as the results have shown…. All of which in my First week in hospitals!
You made it more than clear that NO ACCESS does not mean NO ACCESS. I now have a list of all the many different avenues that I can explore with regards to access and am sure I will implement them tomorrow successfully.
Finally I look forward to my next session, where I hope to advance my training and skills with your help once again.”

VR-Medical Representative

“ My initial knowledge of working in hospitals was very basic and therefore I had never really had the confidence to make a proper start. Since those two days my approach has been very different and I have actually been looking forward to visiting hospitals most afternoons. Working in hospitals is now much less daunting and much more exciting!”

SH-Medical Representative

“In respect of the recent support you have given me with hospital training I would like to offer some brief top line feedback in terms of its value to myself and my team. Firstly as a manager in Today’s Pharma industry I find myself with an increasing array of tasks placing more and more burden upon my time, deciding which is the most important to do when I have virtually no field based coaching support is always outweighed by that most important role of spending quality time coaching my team. To be able to identify a team need in this case hospital working, agree specific goals I needed to achieve and agree days needed by individual was fantastic.
The outcome to the exercise is that I was able to concentrate on developing some key projects and customers I needed to work with while having the reassurance may team were receiving quality training on an area of weakness.
The exercise has proved extremely valuable with noticeable changes not only in skills and knowledge but confidence and therefore attitude to hospital working. Clearly the exercise was not a one off, it needs careful and co-ordinated follow up from myself and has certainly demonstrated to me that very real benefits of pulsed coaching which I will hope to take advantage of again very soon.
I have already recommended that my colleagues look at the report we have pulled together and have agreed to feedback to them at our next managers meeting this month. Thanks again”

JH- Area Business Manager, Daiichi-Sankyo

“I found the day really productive & certainly gave me a few “light bulb moments” which gave me some of the answers I have been looking for.
Before I came along to meet you today I was feeling a little apprehensive about where I was at in terms of secondary & even more so how I was going to verbalise what I was looking to achieve.  However the format in which the day was conducted really made all the difference & allowed me to pinpoint exactly what my needs were.  I think we agreed I that I was also able to clearly explain this to you which has given a great starting point for Monday.
In addition to me being able to pinpoint my needs, I am now very clear in how you will be working with my guys over the next few weeks. This means I can establish ways in which to drive this through the individual PDP’s & make through personal bespoke objectives…….. it has given me a great starting point for secondary care within my own PDP.”

SG- Area Business Manager, Daiichi-Sankyo

“ Delighted with whole exercise. Excellent value and benefit overall.  Huge improvements seen with all of them on field visits- in terms of planning, confidence, awareness, etc.”

Business Manager


I have now worked with Rauf on two SFE projects, the most recent was delivered in an effective and timely manner. Rauf provided valuable insights into key projects across primary and secondary care. An excellent partner.

Lee Taylor, Sales Director

Hospital Coaching Programme: 2011 & 2012

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for our recent coaching days. I thoroughly enjoyed them and although I was taken out of my comfort zone on a number of occasions, I feel it was all worthwhile. I take on board your recommendations which will help me progress in hospital selling and will I am sure see me climb the rankings very soon.
“…… I am seeing results already. Doing ace in hospitals. Much more confident and feeling I have the right to be there ! I am confident the sales will follow :-)”

TC- Senior Medical Representative

“The two days I have spent with Rauf, have been a very big learning curve it’s a pity that we may not have any more sessions with him, because I believe he has lot more to offer and we can learn a lot from him.
The time spent with Rauf over the past two days has made me reflect on how I can improve myself and my sales calls, so that I can achieve the best possible result with each customer”.

SA– Medical Representative

“Just wanted to thank you for a very enjoyable and informative couple of days field coaching! From you I learnt the value of working an entire hospital…literally! You also helped me realise my strengths and weaknesses and provided solid advice in terms of future professional development.”

KS- Senior Medical Representative