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Daiichi- Sankyo Co. Ltd – Medical Representative

Hospital Training Feedback: Field Coaching project:  2003-2006

“I found the two days I have spent with Rauf Mirza to be extremely beneficial. Rauf clearly has a wealth of experience in a wide range of areas of the Medical sales profession. During the two days I have benefited from Raufs expansive knowledge and expertise in the hospital working environment.
We covered a great deal in a relatively short space of time. I not only had the opportunity to develop my skills as a sales professional within a call to a Secondary care customer, but also the most effective ways of getting in front of that customer and countless others on just one day or afternoon. Indeed I found the training and advice centred around the workings of a hospital or ‘village’; as Rauf called it, to be particularly helpful. I certainly know things about hospitals and how to work them most efficiently that I didn’t know before those two days. We looked at everything from formulary protocols and pharmacy practices to extracting information from Consultant secretaries and bleep systems. Indeed understanding how a hospital and a specific department within a hospital, works is vital.  Rauf continually focused on all the key attributes required to be a success in a hospital.

AC- Medical Representative

 “I wanted to send an e-mail so as you were aware as to the extent your recent hospital training has helped both in my development as a hospital representative but also the development of my selling and interpersonal skills in general. You have taught me both basic and advanced skills whilst always looking back so as to ensure both my personal and the company’s objectives were met. My confidence in hospital sales is now sky high and I appreciate both how much I know / knew, and what self developmental needs still remain.
I value what you have shown me very highly and know that it has been rewarding and enriching to have had you coaching me through some, at times advanced sales requirements. I assure you the lessons will continue to be put in place and look forward to considerable success in hospitals in the future. Many thanks again for all your effort and input.”

MF- Medical Representative

“ I have found the hospital training provided by yourself to be extremely beneficial and as a result feel far more confident in the hospital arena – and this after just 1 session!  All in all I found the whole day a positive experience and no longer view the hospital arena as one to be viewed with trepidation!”

KT-Medical Representative

“ I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your comprehensive and extremely helpful hospital training.
With regards to the preparatory session, it helped me understand and appreciate the value of my position and the wealth of benefits that I as a Representative can offer to a hospital. You totally clarified and expanded on any grey areas that I had and answered all concerns and more.
Confidence, motivation and a professional work ethic are the three main things that you have developed in me. I have benefited unbelievably from your training as the results have shown…. All of which in my First week in hospitals!
You made it more than clear that NO ACCESS does not mean NO ACCESS. I now have a list of all the many different avenues that I can explore with regards to access and am sure I will implement them tomorrow successfully.
Finally I look forward to my next session, where I hope to advance my training and skills with your help once again.”

VR-Medical Representative

“ My initial knowledge of working in hospitals was very basic and therefore I had never really had the confidence to make a proper start. Since those two days my approach has been very different and I have actually been looking forward to visiting hospitals most afternoons. Working in hospitals is now much less daunting and much more exciting!”

SH-Medical Representative

“In respect of the recent support you have given me with hospital training I would like to offer some brief top line feedback in terms of its value to myself and my team. Firstly as a manager in Today’s Pharma industry I find myself with an increasing array of tasks placing more and more burden upon my time, deciding which is the most important to do when I have virtually no field based coaching support is always outweighed by that most important role of spending quality time coaching my team. To be able to identify a team need in this case hospital working, agree specific goals I needed to achieve and agree days needed by individual was fantastic.
The outcome to the exercise is that I was able to concentrate on developing some key projects and customers I needed to work with while having the reassurance may team were receiving quality training on an area of weakness.
The exercise has proved extremely valuable with noticeable changes not only in skills and knowledge but confidence and therefore attitude to hospital working. Clearly the exercise was not a one off, it needs careful and co-ordinated follow up from myself and has certainly demonstrated to me that very real benefits of pulsed coaching which I will hope to take advantage of again very soon.
I have already recommended that my colleagues look at the report we have pulled together and have agreed to feedback to them at our next managers meeting this month. Thanks again”

JH- Area Business Manager, Daiichi-Sankyo

“I found the day really productive & certainly gave me a few “light bulb moments” which gave me some of the answers I have been looking for.
Before I came along to meet you today I was feeling a little apprehensive about where I was at in terms of secondary & even more so how I was going to verbalise what I was looking to achieve.  However the format in which the day was conducted really made all the difference & allowed me to pinpoint exactly what my needs were.  I think we agreed I that I was also able to clearly explain this to you which has given a great starting point for Monday.
In addition to me being able to pinpoint my needs, I am now very clear in how you will be working with my guys over the next few weeks. This means I can establish ways in which to drive this through the individual PDP’s & make through personal bespoke objectives…….. it has given me a great starting point for secondary care within my own PDP.”

SG- Area Business Manager, Daiichi-Sankyo

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